Company culture :

 successful company culture

Why develop a successful company culture?
The Program is based on the most important challenges faced by businesses today:

  • Retaining and attracting competent manpower
  • Increasing profits and stockholder value
  • Strengthening market share
  • Increasing creativity and productivity while also increasing customer benefit and employee satisfaction.
  • Ensuring that ethical rules permeate the organization’s culture

The Program gives the company:

  • • A program of action for clarifying and changing core values.
  • program for development of successful selling.
  • tool for long term development of the company’s culture.

The Programs cornerstones

  • Mapping of the current culture, core values and selling patterns
  • Evaluation and analysis
  • Making decisions about core values
  • Formulating and making decision regarding the program of action for changing core values, selling patterns, and releasing of individual competence.
  • Implementation

The program describes

  • The employees’ core values and sales patterns
  • The company’s apparent values

Employees’ and other interested parties’ views of the values and culture the company would like to have.