Individual development

Advise Individual Leadership Development is designed for leaders who want to achieve a top level of performance and develop their ability to get results. Advise Individual Leadership Development is based on the leader’s job responsibilities, goals, and level of performance as well as motivation, competence and development needs.


The goal for every program is directly related to the participant’s actual work goals. Our program working plan will be in tune with the organization’s and leader’s goals, our working literature will provide feedback for new behavior, and our personal evaluation will impact results. 
For the company this means:

  • Leadership development is tied to the organization’s actual challenges<
  • Cost effective and individualized competence development
  • Attention given to key personnel
  • Proactive personnel care

For the leader this means:

  • Focus on your own personal development
  • Neutral, experienced dialogue partner
  • Increased awareness and setting of personal priorities
  • Improved performance and increased attractiveness to your employer

Starting point

Advise Individual Leadership Development always begins with an agreement between Advise, the participant, and his/her manager. Afterwards each program is designed individually using a proven structure and methodology. Advise Individual Leadership Development is based on a comprehensive view of the individual and the organization. This means that participants are challenged to view their actions comprehensively and to reach a balance in their life consciously.


Advise Individual Leadership Development focuses on putting leadership into practice and conveys a combination of knowledge, tools and feedback relative to leader’s own way of acting.
The foundation for every program is regular meetings with a personal coach, free telephone and e-mail support and giving concrete information that is connected to the leader’s job.

The program is action and results oriented. By working with the leader in daily situations, new behaviors and ways of responding are tried directly in realistic settings. Real and enduring development only takes place in concrete situations and real contexts.