Sometimes it happens that the company and its employees develop in different directions. To then end employment and offer employees Outplacement creates a win-win situation.

The program gives the Company

  • Quality termination of employees whose development is not in harmony with the company’s.
  • The company’s image is strengthened both internally in the company and externally.

The program gives the employees
The foundation for actively taking a stance and setting goals relative to:

  • Future career development
  • Choice of position, role, and organization in the next job.

The program gives the company and employees
A dignified exit from the company. The program also gives the employee an understanding of why continuation in the job was not a good idea and a satisfactory way of holding exit negotiations with the former employer. In this way the company gains an advocate for the company.

The programs two main segments

  • Career analysis
  • Doing an inventory of professional experience and performances
  • Describing skills and professional profiles
  • Identifying conditions to support top performance (roles, culture and organizational conditions)
  • Formulation and evaluation of goals
  • Marketing plan
  • • Formulation of the message and personal presentation
  • • Selection of search criteria and paths
  • • Defining and mapping the target company
  • • Work with networks and contacts
  • • Work with CV, application letters and references
  • • Interview training and analysis
  • • Continuous coaching and follow-up with the job seeker