The starting point in any recruiting assignment we undertake is to ensure that the new employee is capable of contributing to the continuing development of the business. Therefore, our efforts in formulating the job description and qualification specification are an important part of our contribution.

A recruiting assignment is carried out primarily as follows:

  1. Needs Analysis and qualification specification
- What should the new employee bring to the company?
Our first contribution in any recruiting assignment is to formulate a qualification specification together with the customer. Advise’s consultants all have solid leadership experience. We make our most important contribution when we, together with you the customer, formulate a qualification specification.
  1. Recruiting method

Depending on, among other things, the qualification specification, economic constraints, and schedule we then select a recruiting method:

  • Search
  • Advertising
  • Selection

  1. Search phase

We identify a sufficient number of interesting candidates using the selected method.

  1. Selection

We do rough screenings and arrange first interviews with the most interesting candidates.  This is often done by Advise consultants.

  1. Candidates presentation and final selection.

The 2-4 most promising candidates are asked to do a detailed presentation where they are to describe how they will contribute to the continuing development of the company. These will be the basis for final interviews. These are done together by the customer and Advise’s consultants. In consultation with the customer, Advise can then provide supplemental supporting input to the decision-making process through testing if considered necessary. In addition, Advise can document the candidates’ files by contacting references.

  1. Decision

The customer makes the hiring decision. Advise can, if so desired, support the customer by conducting negotiations with the successful candidate of employment terms, etc.

  1. Introduction and follow-up

Advise can, if so desired, support the customer in the employee introduction phase and by doing a follow-up with the new employee after about 6 months on the job.